The Confucius Institute at University of Niš Celebrates World Chinese Day 2024
May 10, 2024

Recently, on the occasion of the 15th World Chinese Language Day, the Confucius Institute at University of Niš and the Serbian Luban Workshop of Tourism College of Zhejiang jointly held a celebration with the theme of "Chinese Chinese Language and Chinese Cuisine" at University of Niš. More than 100 people attended the event, including Assistant to the Mayor of Niš City Yovana Mitici, Vice President of University of Niš Wisna Ropicic, President of Lanzhou Branch of Niš Chamber of Commerce Bata Vukadinovic, Xingyu Co., Ltd. Xing Naijing, teachers and students of University of Niš, principals of middle schools in Niš City and surrounding areas, students.