Health Care

Zhenjiang is a city with rich medical resources. The following are some major hospitals:

Name in English: Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University (Jiang Bin Hospital).

Name in Chinese: 江苏大学附属医院(江滨医院)

Add. in Chinese: 江苏省镇江市解放路438号

Phone: 0511-88970603


Name in English: Zhenjiang First People's Hospital

Name in Chinese: 镇江市第一人民医院

Phone: 0511-85231018

Add. in Chinese: 江苏省镇江市电力路8号


Name in English: The Staff Hospital of Jiangsu University

Name in Chinese: 江苏大学职工医院

Address: On Main Campus (close to Conference Center)

Phone: 0511-88780152 (the Hospital Office), 0511-88780153 (the Emergency aid)