Message from the President


Jiangsu University is a national key university in China. In more than one hundred years of schooling, we adhere to the motto of Knowledge, Truth, and Virtue. We are committed to educating talents with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and a commitment to society.

We seek to integrate social service into our schooling. Jiangsu University offers programs in various disciplines, boasts renowned scholars and innovative teams, and is equipped with advanced teaching and experimental facilities and high-quality teaching resources. Lying in the Yangtze River Delta, the University offers talents, science, and technology to support the economic and social development of the area and the whole country.

Globalization has accelerated the international flow of capital, resources, knowledge, and talents and turned the whole world into a global community. As a member of this community, Jiangsu University is launching a new orientation to construct a high-level, research-oriented university with strength in engineering and an internationalization strategy. It offers a platform for people from different cultures to build their life and pursue excellence.

As President of Jiangsu University, I would like to invite you to join us as a prospective student, colleague, or partner to contribute to the development of human civilization.

President: Xing Weihong