Postdoctoral Fellows

1. Overview

The University offers postdoctoral opportunities in the following14 academic disciplines.

No.DisciplineTeaching FacultyStart Time
1Mechanical EngineeringSchool of Mechanical Engineering1994-08
2Materials Science and EngineeringSchool of Materials Science & Engineering2007-08
3Power Engineering and Engineering ThermophysicsResearch Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology1998-08
4Control Science and EngineeringSchool of Electrical and Information Engineering2009-11
5Transportation EngineeringSchool of Automotive and Traffic Engineering2009-11
6Agricultural EngineeringSchool of Agricultural Engineering2003-10
7Food Science and EngineeringSchool of Food and Biological Engineering1998-08
8Management Science and EngineeringSchool of Management2003-10
9MechanicsFaculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics2012-09
10Electrical EngineeringSchool of Electrical and Information Engineering2012-09
11Environmental Science and EngineeringSchool of the Environment and Safety Engineering2012-09
12Clinical MedicineSchool of Medicine2014-09
13Computer Science and TechnologySchool of Computer Science and Communications Engineering2014-09
14MathematicsSchool of Mathematical Sciences2023-10

2. Qualifications

2.1 The applicant should graduate from a leading Chinese university or any other recognized international academic institution in recent three years.

2.2 The applicant should be younger than 35.

2.3 The applicant must have a high academic level and strong scientific research ability, have achieved high-quality scientific research results in related fields, and have outstanding scientific research development potential.

2.4 The research work to be carried out is consistent with the research direction of the postdoctoral station and is innovative.

2.5 Other qualifications as may be required by the university.

3. Remuneration

Postdoctoral fellows will be offered an annual salary paid by the University. Pre-tax annual incomes for specific postdoctoral fellows are as follows:

Type of postdocPayment by the University (Unit: RMB 10,000/individual)
Class A of Jianshan Postdoctoral fellow50
Class B of Jianshan Postdoctoral fellow30
Class C of Jianshan Postdoctoral fellow25
Project Postdoctoral fellow20-30

4. Application

The recruitment of postdoctoral fellows shall be carried out by three levels of selection, namely, the co-supervisor, the postdoc research station and the university. The principles of openness, equality, competition and merit selection shall be adhered to, and attention shall be paid to the examination of applicants' ideological and moral character, professional ethics, scientific research and academic level, etc.

After obtaining the consent of the co-supervisor, the applicant will be interviewed and recommended by the postdoc research station. After the academic evaluation, The final selection decision is made by the leading group for the construction of the teaching staff.

The required document list is as follows (at least one original copy of each):

① Application form for full-time postdoc of Jiangsu University.

② Information summary of postdoc applicants of Jiangsu University.

③ Letters of recommendation from two specialists in the applicants' research field (Letters of recommendation from the Ph.D. supervisor and the Postdoctoral collaborator of the applicant).

④ Copy of the latest valid passport.

⑤Copy of Doctoral Degree Certificate, which should be authenticated by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (for Ph.D. qualifications awarded at International Academic Institutions).

⑥ Curriculum vitae;

⑦ Certificates of the applicant’s scientific achievements.

⑧ Postdoctoral Qualification Review Sheet.

⑨ Postdoctoral Application Form. Fill in this form on the China Postdoctoral Online System (, download the completed form, print and sign it in all the designated places in black ink).

⑩ Other documents as may be required.

5. Contact Information:

Contact: Mr. Yan, Postdoctoral Management Office, Human Resource Department of Jiangsu University

Tel.: 0086-511-88788028


Add.: 301# Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China

Zip Code: 212013