Zijin Copper Industry and "Bora Stanković" High School Visited the Confucius Institute at University of Niš
April 7, 2024

On March 28th, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) at Zijin Copper Industry Feng Kui, and the Principal of "Bora Stankovic" High School Milijana, along with a delegation of four, visited the Confucius Institute at University of Niš (CIUN) to discuss cooperation in talent development. Mr. Feng introduced the situation of Zijin Copper Industry in Serbia and expressed the demand for bilingual talents proficient in both Serbian and Chinese. Building upon the needs of Zijin Copper Industry, Ms. Milijana proposed to establish optional Chinese courses and sought support from CIUN in terms of teaching. Chinese director of CIUN Gao Jing, responded positively, expressing full support for the establishment of a teaching point at Bora High School and ensuring that teaching staff would be in place next semester. She also highlighted CIUN's innovative Chinese teaching model, particularly emphasizing the autonomous learning based on the intelligent "Taoli APP" learning platform advocated by CIUN. Ivan, the foreign director of CIUN, proposed expediting the signing of a cooperation agreement to deepen the integration of industry and education through the CIUN's school-enterprise cooperation platform, thereby further enhancing the quality of talent development at the University of Niš. Chinese language teachers and relevant personnel were also present at the meeting.