JSU Wins “Cup of Excellence” of International College Student Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition for the Ninth Consecutive Time
May 21, 2024

From May 11 to 13, the 9th Swan Cup International College Student Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition was held at Shihezi University. Jiangsu University (JSU) selected and nominated 32 works for the competition, and 29 impressive teams were awarded prizes. Among them, 8 teams received special prizes and 7 teams earned first prizes. Notably, JSU secured the prestigious Cup of Excellence for the ninth consecutive time. Vice President of JSU Prof. Li Hong was invited to make a speech at the opening ceremony of the competition.

This year's competition was organized jointly by International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR), Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery (CSAM), Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (CSAE), Jiangsu Province and Education Ministry Co-sponsored Synergistic Innovation Center of Modern Agricultural Equipment, along with the International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineering. This competition centered on the theme of Innovation energizes the agricultural equipment, Intelligence leads the future. A total of 118 colleges and universities participated in the competition, submitting 453 entries and involving nearly 1,000 students. After a rigorous process of expert evaluation, on-site defence and on-site competition, a total of 35 special prizes, 80 first prizes, 156 second prizes, and 125 merit prizes were awarded. Additionally, 10 universities were honored with the prestigious Cup of Excellence.

International College Student Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Innovation Competition, initiated and established by JSU in 2015, endeavors to enhance collaboration between higher educational institutions, research facilities, enterprises, and industries. It strives to jointly foster talents and facilitate scientific and technological advancements in modern agricultural equipment, thereby advancing the modernization of agricultural practices in China. In 2023, this Competition was included in the National Ranking of Ordinary College and University Student Competition Projects, emerging as the preeminent practical innovation event for college students, and has been recognized by agricultural institutions nationwide for its substantial  content, exceptional participation value, and extensive influence.