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The 6th Jin Shan International Symposium on Fluid Machinery and Engineering Successfully held at JSU
2021-12-22 17:05  

On Dec. 10, the 6th Jin Shan International Symposium on Fluid Machinery and Engineering successfully held at Jiangsu University (JSU). More than 200 renowned experts, scholars, scientific researchers and graduate students from the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Australia, Canada, Japan and China participated in the seminar online and offline. Jiangsu University Chair of University’s Committee for CCP Affairs and Discipline Leader in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Prof. Yuan Shouqi delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of JSU. The seminar was presided over by Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology Deputy Director Prof. Pei Ji.

In the welcoming speech, Prof. Yuan Shouqi introduced the latest development of JSU and China’s National Research Center of Pumps (NRCP). It was highlighted that high-efficient and energy-saving technological innovation in the field of fluid machinery is an important method to achieve the goal of ‘carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality’ in China. The seminar provided a platform for experts, scholars and researchers from academic and industrial fields to showcase the latest research achievements and promote the industrial application of latest technology and theory.

After the opening ceremony, Prof. Andy Tan from Queensland University of Technology (Australia), Dr. Yiran Lu from University of Alberta (Canada), Prof. He Zhaoming from Texas University of Technology (United States), Prof. Akira Goto from Ebara (Japan) Prof. Gerard Bois from French National University of Higher Engineering and Technology (France), Prof. Hendrik Kuhlmann from Vienna University of Technology (Austria) Prof. Jorge Luis Parrondo Gayo from Oviedo University (Spain)  and Prof. Martin Böhle from Kaiserslautern University of Technology (Germany) made wonderful online reports on the theme of Basic Theory and Application in Fluid Mechanical Engineering respectively. They also shared the latest research progress and innovative achievements in fluid machinery related fields, and engaged in warm exchanges and discussion with on-site participants. At the same time, the on-the-job tutor training in 2021 was also carried out in combination with this international academic seminar which effectively improved the tutor's guidance ability, quality and international reach.

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