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Food & Dining

I. Dining-rooms (Main Campus)

Name features Opening Hours
Dining-room for Staff Common food, Noodle, light refreshments Breakfast: 6:30-8:30
Lunch: 10:30-12:30
Dinner: 16:30-18:00


No. 1 Dining-room
No. 2 Dining-room
No.3 Dining-room
No. 4 Dining-room
No.6 Dining-room
Dining-room Fenghuayuan Noodle, Jiaozi, fried dishes, etc. Breakfast and Lunch:6:30-13:00
Dinner: 16;30-19:00
Dining for Professors Lunch for all staff. Dinner for teachers
and students alike.
Lunch: 10:30-12:30
Dinner: 16:30-21:00
Dongshan Meishicheng Chinese-fast-food, Fired food, noodle Lunch:10:30-13:00
Dinner: 16:30-19:00
Muslims' Canteen Hand-pulled noodle, Stir-fried noodle, rice
with vegetables, etc.
Wuguliang Canteen Chinese fast food, various noodles. Breakfast: 6:30-8:30
Lunch: 10:00-12:30




Xishan Canteen Chinese fast food, various noodles, etc. 6:00-22:30
Runjiangyuan Canteen Chinese fast food, various noodles, Roast-meat. Breakfast and lunch: 7:00-13:00
Dinner 16:00-21:30
Hualaishi Fast food Canteen Fast food of Western styles. 9:00-23:00
Bakery (Cantee 2, 6) Various bread and drinks 6:00-22:30 6:00-18:00

II. Dinning-rooms (Mengxi, Beigu, Zhongshan )

Name features Time
Mengxi Dining Room Common food, various noodles. Breakfast: 6:30-8:00
Lunch: 10:30-12:10
Dinner: 16:30-18:00
Beigu Dining Room Breakfast: 6:30-8:45
Lunch: 10:30-12:00
Dinner: 16:30-18:00
Zhongshan Dining Room Chinese fast food, various noodles. 6:00-19:00

III. Guest House The dining hall can accommodate 160, with 6 featured rooms, mainly offering Huaiyang Cuisine and Yangtze River food. Telephone: 86-511-88780156