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JSU participated in the 16th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery
2021-09-23 18:12   审核人:

The 16th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery (AICFM16) was held online from Sept. 13 to 15. The conference was jointly organized by the Asian Fluid Machinery Committee (AFMC) and the Japanese Society of Turbomachinery (TSJ). Prof. Yuan Shouqi, Chair of the University Committee of Jiangsu University (JSU), and academic leader of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics Department, attended the meeting and gave a specially keynote speech. Several teachers and students from Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology of JSU attended the conference and made academic exchanges.

As the most influential international conference on fluid machinery in Asia, this conference attracted experts, scholars and researchers in the field of fluid machinery from China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries and regions.

In his keynote speech entitled Research on High Efficiency and High Reliability Pumps by the NRCP in Jiangsu University, Prof. Yuan Shouqi introduced the development of the National Water Pump and System Engineering Technology Research Center, and the latest research progress made in anti-cavitation technology, pump performance monitoring and diagnosis, pumping stations, two-phase flow pumps, nuclear power pumps, pumps for the chemical and petroleum industries, and water-saving irrigation equipment.

In the parallel sessions report, five teachers and students from JSU, including teacher representative Mr, Zhang Qihua, Ph.D students Yin Tingyun and Shen Jiawei, presented their academic reports, which received high recognition from peers at home and abroad.

At the closing ceremony, the Asian Fluid Machinery Committee decided that the 17th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery (AICFM17) would be jointly held by JSU and the Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics in 2023. Prof. Yuan Shouqi briefed the preparation plan for the conference.

The conference fully demonstrated the latest scientific research results of Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology of JSU, further amplified the international reputation of fluid machinery scientific research, and effectively boosted the development of National-level International Cooperative Research Center for Fluid Engineering Equipment Energy-Saving Technology and Innovative Talent Introduction Base for High-End Fluid Machinery Equipment and Technology.

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