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25 Subjects of JSU were Selected into THE China Subject Ratings
2021-05-24 14:45   审核人:

On May 11, the Times Higher Education (THE) released the first China Subject Ratings 2021, Jiangsu University ranks 24th among Chinese mainland’s universities with 13 A-class subjects and a total of 25 subjects, improving from 44th in the 2020 ranking.
Among them, Optical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, and Metallurgical Engineering are classified as Class A+ for the first time. Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering are classified as Class A. Chemistry, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, and Food Science and Engineering are classified as Class A-, and 8 disciplines including Pharmacy, Mathematics, and Biology are classified as Class B.
The rating system focuses on national first level discipline, containing 89 first level disciplines, and gives rankings from class A+ to C-. 90 universities in Chinese mainland and 1420 other world universities are listed. THE China Subject Ratings covers more subjects than other international discipline rankings.
The performance indicators of the Ratings are teaching, research, citation, international perspective and industry income. The average score of Chinese universities is B+, higher than the global average B. The rating results show that Chinese mainland universities have better average scores than those in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany in Metallurgical Engineering (A), urban and rural planning (A), Atmospheric Science (A-), transportation engineering (A-) and Education (A-).

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