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JSU was Granted and Licensed the Technology and Innovation Support Center
2020-10-06 17:54   审核人:

On Sept. 25, the seminar organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Technology and Innovation Support Center (WIPO TISC) and the National Intellectual Property Information Service Center of universities was held in Jinan City, Shandong Province. After several rounds of selection and one year of preparations, Jiangsu University (JSU) was officially granted and licensed its TISC, becoming one of the third batch of 34 officially operating units in China.

After obtaining the relevant data, TISCs will establish an intellectual property service platform to promote the construction of intellectual property public service system, improve intellectual property retrieval ability, understand the industry trends and new technologies, enhance the innovation ability and enhance the core competitiveness. The granted and licensed TISC provides a higher and broader platform for JSU, further supports the strategy of strengthening the country with intellectual property rights, and supporting JSU in achieving the goal of becoming one of the National Double-First-Class High-Level Universities.
JSU is one of the first universities that pilot the standardization of intellectual property management in China. In May, 2020, JSU established the independent Intellectual Property Institute, which is the second one in Jiangsu Province. In recent years, JSU has strived to build an integrated work system of “Industry-University-Institute Cooperation” to maximize the benefits of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. From innovation to achievements commercialization, work on intellectual property remains vital. JSU has explored and established the cultivation mechanism of high-value patents, cultivated a number of high-value patents that support the development of the industry and have international competitiveness, and promoted the demonstration and promotion of products with independent intellectual property rights in the industry.

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