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Prof. Yuan Shouqi Elected as Chairman of AFMC
2023-11-01 14:44  

From October 20 to 30, the 17th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery (AICFM17) jointly organized by Jiangsu University (JSU) and Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics was held in Zhenjiang city. The conference is the most influential about fluid machinery in Asia. During the conference, a plenary of the Asian Fluid Machinery Committee was held and it was announced officially that Prof. Yuan Shouqi from JSU became the chairman-elect of the committee. He is the first Chinese scholar who holds the post.

As the dean of National Research Center of Pumps and International Joint Research Center for National Energy-saving Technology of Fluid Engineering Equipment, Prof. Yuan has made breakthroughs in the core technology of developing high-efficiency centrifugal pumps and overcome the technological problems in high-performance sprinkler irrigation equipment with his theory of farming-oriented non-overload submersible pumps.
As the leading researcher, he has won 2 second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 second prizes of National Teaching Achievement Award, 2 first prizes of Ministry of Education Award for Science and Technology Progress, 2 first prizes of Jiangsu Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress, 1 first prize of Shennong Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology. Moreover, as the first author or the correspondence author, he has published 396 papers, 16 monographs and participated in the preparation of 17 national and industrial standards. He has won 14 international patents of inventions and 155 Chinese patents of inventions .
Prof. Yuan has led the high-quality development of the field of irrigation and drainage machinery, and made remarkable contributions to the creation of pumps and water-saving equipment and food security. He has been the vice-president of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery and Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering for a long time, and he ever served as the vice-president of Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering. As a long-term member of the ASME organization committee, he has worked as the chairman of more than 10 high-level international academic conferences.
Prof. Yuan has been elected as a leading talent of the National Ten Thousands Talents Programme, won the support of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, Science and Technology Innovation Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, the Asian Fluid Machinery Distinguished Engineer Award, the Meritorious Medal of Chinese Agricultural Machinery Industry for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening etc.
The Asian Fluid Machinery Committee was established in Korea in 2007, and the previous chairmen include Prof. Kwang-yong Kim from Inha University, Korea and Prof. Chisachi Kato from University Tokyo, Japan. Prof. Yuan’s election has further promoted JSU’s international influence and fame in the field of fluid machinery.

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