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The 3rd Internationalization Conference of Jiangsu University
2020-07-04 10:10  


On June 28, 2020, the 3rd Internationalization Conference was held in Jiangsu University (JSU). By summarizing and reviewing the achievements of international exchange and cooperation since the 2nd Internationalization Promotion Conference in 2014, concluding gaps and deficiencies, analyzing the new situation and requirements it has faced, JSU has clarified the guiding ideology, goals and key tasks of the internationalization work in the new period with further confidence and perseverance, and thus accelerated the improvement of JSU’s internationalization.

Wang Chengbin, Deputy Director-General of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Zhao Jianguo, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Yang Xiaoping, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Office of Intelligence Office and Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts, Wei Hongyang, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Zhenjiang, Shi Yunyu, Deputy Director of Department of Foreign Cooperation and Exchange of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, all JSU presidents, department leaders, representatives of staff and students,  award-winning representatives, attended the conference. The conference was chaired by Prof. Zhao Yutao, Vice President of JSU.

At the conference, Fang Jun, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education, Nie Biao, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Expert Services of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Winnie N. Chibesakunda, Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia in China, Prof. Peter Gregson, Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and President of Cranfield University, Prof. Simon Pollard, Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Vice President of Cranfield University, Prof. Martin Polaschek President of University of Graz, Austria, Prof. Niwes Nantachit, President of Chiang Mai University, Thailand, Prof. Wiebe Van Der Hoek, Executive Vice President of the University of Liverpool, Prof. Daniel Palm, Vice President of Northern Arizona University congratulated through videos and letters. Wang Chengbin addressed the conference on behalf of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.
Prof. Yan Xiaohong, President of JSU made a work report entitled “Boosting Confidence and Displaying Perseverance for Accelerating the Advancement of  JSU’s Internationalization”, which comprehensively summarized the achievements of JSU’s internationalization since 2015, analyzed the new situation and requirements, clarify the main development indicators of internationalization in the next five years.

Zhao Jianguo and Wang Chengbin jointly unveiled the high-end base of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education.
Prof. Li Hongbo, Vice Chair of Jiangsu University Committee announced the decision in recognition of the advanced units and individuals standing out in their work to improve JSU’s internationalization. They received honorary medals or certificates and some of them also share their experiences and practices with audiences.

In the summary speech, Prof. Yuan Shouqi, Chair of Jiangsu University Committee, fully affirmed the achievements and experience of JSU's internationalization, and put forward three key points to fully open up a new innovative phase of high-quality internationalization. He called for the establishment and improvement of a new pattern of internationalization under the unified leadership of the Party committee and with joint efforts of the committee and administrative leadership, classified assessment, full participation and all-round promotion, so as to fully implement objectives and tasks of internationalization.




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