JSU International Students Won the Gold Award of the Final Round of the GBPC 2023
July 28, 2023

The Final Round of Global Brand Planning Competition (GBPC) 2023 was held July 15 to 16 in Singapore. The competition was organized by the Business Sector Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Global Chinese Marketing Federation (GCMF). The "Wuyou Oil" (Worry-Free Oil) team of international students of Jiangsu University (JSU) has won the Gold Award, which is the only one for international students out of the 4 gold awards, and the Best Team Presentation Award, which is the only one in the competition. It is the first time for JSU students to enter the finals and win the gold award.

“Wuyou Oil” team of JSU consists of four undergraduates from Tanzania, Botswana, and Morocco, whose majoring in International Economics and Trade, Electronic Commerce, Clinical Medicine, etc., and one doctoral student majoring in Management Science and Engineering. The members of the team are responsible for brand planning, questionnaire design, market research, marketing promotion, brand element design and financial analysis. The inspiration for the brand planning came from the real-life experience during the construction of the Tanzania-Zambia railway, when the African people used the massage oil of local specialty crops to relieve the fatigue and pain of the Chinese builders who came from afar to support and endure the heat for the construction. The goal of the project planning is to solve the problem of how to enter the market of “The Belt and Road” countries with a new brand image under the new background of the expanding circle of friends of “The Belt and Road” construction. The brand name “Wuyou Oil” is a combination of the African people's unsophisticated wish and the sincere wish for “carefreeness” in Chinese.

The competition lasted six months from team formation to the global Final. In China, the competition was participated by more than 500 colleges and universities and over 3,000 teams from all over the country. The final was attended by Chinese and international teachers and students from 17 universities in China, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and other countries and regions.