JSU Won China Patent Gold Award
August 1, 2023

Recently, the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC issued the decision of granting the 24th China Patent Awards. “A deformation suppression fixture for various blade laser shocks” (patent number: ZL201910805376.2) invented by researchers from Jiangsu University (JSU) has won a China Patent Gold Award. This year, a total number of 83 universities and colleges were awarded the patent awards, with only 5 gold medal winners, including Xi’an JiaoTong University with 2 projects, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Jiangsu University respectively with one project.

Invented by a research team led by Prof. Lu Jinzhong of JSU, the award-winning patent is applicable to the clamp positioning of a variety of blade parts with different blade root forms and pitch angles. It can offer reliable location and ensure the clamping efficiency, at the same time, improve the applicability of the fixture, the precision and efficiency of laser shock with high-end laser machining in a higher tech level. It has been applied to aerospace equipment manufacturing, aero engine, turbine energy and other fields, exerting a great influence on the industry development with significant economic benefits.

Co-organized by China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the China Patent Award is the only government award in China that specifically rewards patents-granted inventions and creations. Awards include China Patent Gold Award, Silver Award and Excellence Award, as well as China Design Gold Award, Silver Award and Excellence Award. The patent gold, silver and excellence awards will be selected from inventions and utility models with the total number of gold awards not exceeding 30 and silver not 60. The design gold, silver and excellence awards will be chosen from designs with gold items not surpassing 10 and silver not 15 in total numbers.

Always following the development model of “Integration of Industry, Education, Research and Application” of intellectual property, JSU is one of the first universities to conduct patent hierarchical management and patent application evaluation. It has carried out the operation of high-value patents cultivation in the research and development of pioneering technologies and the bottleneck of core technologies since 2017. Up until now, JSU has secured 15 China patent awards, with 3 gold awards and 1 silver.