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The Ideal Integration between Industry and Agriculture
2015-07-08 00:00  

The Ideal Integration between Industry and Agriculture


Institute for New Rural Development

The Institute for New Rural Development (INRD for short) was officially approved by the Ministry of Science &Technology and Education in December 2013, with the characteristics of agricultural engineering in China. Its featured research interests are organized around the modern agricultural equipment and technology, rural human capital, social security, farmers' entrepreneurship, rural development, agriculture and other modern engineering. INRD is building a mode adapting to the characteristics and requirements of modern agricultural engineering development and new rural integrated services.

Prof. Fan Ming is the dean of the Institute where there are several research centers. Adhering to the concept of the integration of agriculture and industry arising from Zhenjiang Institute of Agricultural Machinery, the INRF is based on such key disciplines as agricultural engineering and science and engineering of management, effectively integrating teaching facilities, research resources concerned. Rooted in Southern Jiangsu of the Yangtze River Delta, INRD plays an active role in the new rural developing strategy so that Jiangsu University has become a vital base of the local economy for agricultural machinery, personnel training, agricultural scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of their fruits.

Currently, some featured agricultural researches and teams like modern agricultural facilities and technology, rural human capital, social security, etc. have been formed, the national major scientific research projects gained, and a number of achievements transformed and implemented by industry and government departments concerned. By the institutional innovation, INRD is advancing further the reform of education and scientific strategy, exploring modern mode of “Agriculture, Countryside and Farmer” issues in Southern Jiangsu, as well as the Yangtze River Delta, and constructing a practical platform to carry out the the new rural development strategy in Jiangsu province and the national strategic planning of the Modernization Construction Demonstration Area. INRD aims at building a typical mode of agricultural engineering in economically developed areas in southern China and a demonstration area of the new rural construction to make a new contribution to the new rural development and urbanization.

More information: http://xny.ujs.edu.cn/site1/

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