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JSU has been listed in the “Top 50 National Universities for Science and Technology Innovation” for 3 consecutive years
2022-06-22 14:48  

Recently, the "Top 50 National Universities for Science and Technology Innovation Index Report 2022 - Enterprises, Universities and Research Institutions" was published in Beijing.
Jiangsu University (JSU) was listed in the “Top 50 National Universities for Science and Technology Innovation”. This is JSU’s third consecutive year in the top 50.
The report focuses on micro innovation subjects such as enterprises, universities and research institutions, and follows the principles of scientificity, completeness, comprehensiveness, comparability and guidance.
The report selects the top 50 universities for Science and Technology Innovation in China based on 3 primary indicators: "innovation capability", "innovation value" and "innovation impact".
In recent years, JSU has vigorously strengthened its construction in scientific research and innovation system, deeply promoted the reforming of scientific research system and mechanism, and continuously stimulated the momentum of scientific and technological innovation. JSU addressed the challenges of China's agricultural mechanization and intelligent development, specialized in equipment innovation, actively explored theories and procedures to enhance new pathways for industry, academia, research and use cohesion, and continuously improved its social service capacity, which formed a transfer and transformation system for sci-tech achievements showcasing the characteristics of JSU.

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