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JSU Won the 9th "Winners' Cup" of the "Challenge Cup"
2022-04-26 08:05  

On April 12, the closing ceremony of 17th "Challenge Cup" - National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition and the "Science and Technology Innovation Pioneering Powerful Country" themed event was hosted online by Sichuan University, co-sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, Chinese Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, All-China Federation of Students and the Sichuan Provincial Government.
At the closing ceremony, the list of "Winners' Cup" Universities and "Excellent Organization Awards" was announced. Jiangsu University (JSU) won the "Winners Cup" for the 9th time with the excellent results of been ranked second in Jiangsu Province and eleventh nationally. JSU also won the "Excellent Organization Award".

Due to epidemic restrictions, this was the longest "Challenge Cup" ever held and the first online competition. JSU had spent 30 months preparing for the competitions, and revised and modified its entry more than 300 times, and in so doing finally won a national Special Prize, a First Prize, 3 Second Prizes and a Third Prize.
In addition, in the special competition held under the framework of the 17th "Challenge Cup" - National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, JSU won 2 "Stellar" level accolades (first prizes), 1 "Planet" level accolade (second prize) in the "Black Science and Technology" special competition, and 1 third prize in the "Leadership Recognition" special competition.

This years competition entry question - “Serving the Great Country” was adjudicated utilizing the “1+3” system. This system is composed of the the following sections, the main competition, the red special activity, the "unveiling the coach" special competition, and the "black technology" special competition. The prizes were awarded to those who received the highest combined marks for the 4 section.
A total number of 22,000 entries, from more than 2,500 colleges and universities were received. This was a record number of participating  universities and students. The media coverage, universality, acknowledged credibility and authority of the event is widely recognized by academics and students in colleges and universities across the country.

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