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Welcome Ceremony for the Freshmen of Jiangsu University- Cranfield Tech Futures Graduate Institute
2021-10-12 19:50   审核人:

On Sept. 30, the Welcome Ceremony for the Freshmen of Jiangsu University-Cranfield Tech Futures Graduate Institute (JSU-CU Institute) was held at Jiangsu University (JSU). Prof. Yan Xiaohong, President of JSU, Prof. Quan Li, Vice President of JSU and Dean of JSU-CU Institute, Kathy He, Head of Higher Education Office of the British Council, Prof. Karen Horford, President of Cranfield University (CU), Prof. Sean Tyrrel, Pro-Vice Chancellor Education of CU, Prof. Simon Pollard, Pro-Vice Chancellor of CU, leaders and teachers of relevant departments and schools, 2021 freshmen and parents of freshmen, participated in the ceremony online or offline.

Prof. Yan welcomed the freshmen of JSU-CU Institute. He said that this year is the first enrollment of institute. As one of the few domestic Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions for graduate education, he is full of confidence in the development of JSU-CU Institute. He has high hopes for all freshmen to stay curious, be brave to ask questions and be unafraid of failure on the road of exploring the truth. They are expected to focus on academic study, scientific research under the guidance of life goals, and realize the social value of individuals and teams.

Prof. Karen Horford pointed out in her video speech that the development of JSU-CU Institute will play an important role in promoting the future progress of science and technology and engineering disciplines between the two universities, and will also contribute to global events such as global sustainable development in the future. CU will join hands with JSU to contribute to the development and progress of the world.

Prof. Quan and Prof. Simon Pollard gave speeches separately, hoping that on the basis of this cooperation, the two universities will work together and explore thoroughly, and leverage on the platform of JSU-CU Institute further the discipline development of both universities.

JSU-CU Institute was formally approved by China’s Ministry of Education in January 2021. It is a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution for master education. In 2021, the first batch of 104 students are enrolled.

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