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JSU Launches the Key Special Project of “Intergovernmental International Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation” in the National Key Research and Development Program
2020-10-13 18:53   审核人:

On Oct. 5, 2020, the kick-off meeting of the key special project of “R&D of high-performance MEA with ultra-low Pt loading for PEMFC based on fully ordered catalyst layer structure” in the “intergovernmental international scientific and technological innovation cooperation” of national key R&D program was held at Jiangsu University (JSU).
Prof. Yuan Shouqi, Chair of Jiangsu University Committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 30 people, including off-campus experts, leaders from Office of Scientific Research, International Office, Office of Finance, and relevant leaders and project team of Institute of Energy Research (IER) attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Prof. Li Huaming, Executive Vice Director of IER.

Researcher Su Huaneng, the project leader, and Associate Prof. Xu Qian, the subject leader, respectively reported on the background, overall goals, project settings, implementation plans and evaluation indicators of the international cooperation project. Prof. Zhu Xinjian from Shanghai Jiaotong University, a member of Expert Group from the key special program of “Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technology” in the National Key Research and Development Program, further interpreted the implementation and assessment of the project and put forward specific guidance. Prof. He Zhixia, Chair of the Party Branch of IER, and Prof. Xu Hui, Deputy Dean of IER, put forward suggestions and discussed on strengthening university-enterprise cooperation and promoting the application of project achievements.

The project is guided by the goal of “Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation” in the National Energy Technology Revolution and Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030). Through comprehensive cooperation with the University of West Cape in South Africa, the project makes full use of the advantageous resources of both sides, carrying out a joint research on the in-situ material preparation, structure design and manufacturing technology of the third generation ordered MEA for PEMFC, jointly promote the development and exploration of China and South Africa in the field of “hydrogen energy and fuel cell”. This project is of great significance to promote China’s Belt and Road Initiative, promote green energy and sustainable development, and realize the mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between China and South Africa in the field of energy development. It is also conducive to enhancing JSU’s competitiveness of major national scientific research projects and the level of international cooperation to promote the construction and development of energy-related disciplines.

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