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First Session of Empowering Rostrum for Innovation and Development was held at JSU
2022-10-18 14:41  

On October 11, the First Session of Empowering Rostrum for Innovation and Development, which was sponsored by International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineering (IUCAE), was held at Jiangsu University (JSU). The rostrum attracted more than 100 experts, scholars, teachers and student representatives from the IUCAE member universities. The rostrum was organized by Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology and International Office of JSU.

The Chair of the IUCAE and President of JSU Prof. Yan Xiaohong delivered the welcome speech, introduced the purpose and goal of the Empowering Rostrum for Innovation and Development, and launched the forum logo release ceremony.

Focusing on the theme of Water Application and Sustainability in Agriculture, Secretary of the Party Committee of JSU Prof. Yuan Shouqi, Dean of United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Ehime University Prof. Oue Hiroki, Professor of College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science of Zhejiang University Prof. Zhou Zhenjiang, delivered the lectures respectively. Prof. Yan presented the specially-made certificates and souvenir certificates to these three experts online and offline.

In the lecture titled Research and Development of Drainage and Irrigation Machinery in China, Prof. Yuan Shouqi analyzed the distribution status of water resources, water-saving irrigation equipment and hilly irrigation equipment, introduced the research achievements of Jiangsu University in intelligent agricultural drainage and irrigation machinery, hydraulic model of large pumping stations for south-to-north water diversion, expounded the development trend of water-saving irrigation equipment, and proposed suggestions for future researches.

In the lecture titled Micrometeorological Environment and Water Cycle in Farmland, Prof. Oue Hiroki introduced the detection scheme of rice growth in view of the problem degraded rice quality due to heat stress caused by climate change, and proposed a countermeasure to improve the heat tolerance of rice on the basis of comparative analysis of the characteristic parameters such as stomatal conductance, electron transfer rate and vegetation index of major rice varieties in Japan.

In the lecture titled Different Remote Sensing Methods for Field Information Collection, Prof. Zhou Zhenjiang introduced the latest research achievements in the research and development of agricultural drones, crop physiological information monitoring and image processing, and crop disease diagnosis.

Empowering Rostrum for Innovation and Development aims to deepen the cooperation and exchanges among the member universities of the IUCAE, focus on scientific and technological innovation in agricultural engineering and related fields, maintain food and food safety, and make contributions to the sustainable development of human society.

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