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Annual Meeting of Committee for Foreign Experts Working Research of Higher Education Association of Jiangsu Province was held in JSU
2020-08-24 08:44   审核人:

On August 10th, the “2019 Annual Meeting of Committee for Foreign Experts Working Research of Higher Education Association of Jiangsu Province and the Seminar on Opportunities, Missions and Challenges for International Cooperation and Exchanges in Higher Education under the New Situation” was successfully held. This meeting was hosted by Jiangsu University (JSU).

Ding Xiaochang, President of Higher Education Association of Jiangsu Province, He xingchu, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Yang Xiaoping, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Office of Introducing Foreign Intelligence and Director of Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts, Prof. Yan Xiaohong, President of JSU and Prof. Zhao Yutao, Vice President of JSU attended the meeting. More than 130 representatives from Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province (Bureau of Foreign Experts), Association of Higher Education and more than 60 universities of Jiangsu Province attended the meeting.

Prof. Yan Xiaohong extended a warm welcome to the participating leaders and guests, congratulated on the fruitful achievements made in foreign experts management by universities and colleges of Jiangsu province, and introduced the development of JSU, especially the achievements in internationalization. Huang Ting, Director of International Office of JSU, made the Research Association's 2019 Work Summary and 2020 Work Plan Report on behalf of the president unit.
At the seminar, Yang Xiaoping made a report entitled Introduction to the Work of Talent Introduction in Jiangsu Province, which systematically clarified the current situation of talent introduction in Jiangsu Province, and provided work guidance from the aspects of improving the work system, implementing talent introduction projects, and optimizing the service of foreign experts. Prof. Xu Keqi, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department of Southeast University, gave an expert report entitled Building an International Scientific Research Cooperation Platform, which comprehensively elaborated on the construction and operation of the international demonstration college. Prof. Jing Su, Director of Office of Global Engagement of Nanjing Tech University, made an expert report entitled Strengthening Internal and External Coordination and Steadily Promoting Development with Characteristic, which systematically introduced the mechanism and characteristics of Nanjing Tech University’s internationalization. The seminar also set up a group discussion session. The participants were divided into three groups to make speeches on the theme of the meeting, and put forward opinions and suggestions to the provincial authorities according to the current situation.

At the closing ceremony, the advanced unit, advanced individual and special contribution individual were awarded for their efforts in foreign experts management in 2019. In his summary speech, He xingchu comprehensively analyzed the current situation of internationalization, and encouraged all units to initiate to improve quality and efficiency. He comprehensively explained the objectives, tasks and work requirements of the provincial higher education internationalization in the next stage, and provided guidance and expectations in order to make the research association to gather more consensus, join greater forces and play a bigger role in universities and colleges of Jiangsu Province.

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