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JSU Track & Field Team Ranks First in Team Score at China University Athletics Championships
2023-08-24 17:27  

The 21st China University Athletics Championships was held in Anhui Vocational and Technical College from August 9th to 15th. 10 athletes of Jiangsu University (JSU) participated in the race of Group A (Sunshine Group). JSU won 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze after fighting tooth and nail, and won top overall group score of women's groups in Group A, top overall group score of Group A and PE Morality Award, achieving the best sports performance in Jiangsu University’s history.

Sponsored by Federation of University Sports of China and Chinese Athletic Association and organized by Anhui Vocational and Technical College, the competition is another sporting event following the 31st FISU Summer World University Games in Chengdu, with a total of 4,800 athletes and coaches from 390 colleges and universities participating in the event. The competition set 26 sports and 162 events, divided into Group A (Sunshine Group, 174 colleges and universities), Group B (Higher Vocational College Group), Group C (High-level Group), Group D (Super Group). There were 2 relay teams of 12 people breaking 9 race records, and 97 people were qualified as master sportsmen. The scale of participation, competitive level, and the number of broken records and people qualified as master sportsmen are unprecedented.
JSU athletes are all ordinary university students. Under the careful coaching of Jing Zhongwei and Liang Ying, the athletes made full use of after-school hours, holidays and summer vacation, trained scientifically and improved their competitiveness continuously. JSU athletes Yang Yang won the championship in Women's 100 Meters and 200 Meters, Wu Jiayu won the championship in Men's Triple Jump, Yang Yang, Lu Xinyue, Qin Xinna and Bai Kexin won the runner-up and third place in Women's 4×100 Meters and 4×400 Meters respectively, and Zhou Jianhao reached the level of first-class athlete in Men's 100 Meters.

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