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Ogarev Mordovia State University Pays Visit to JSU
2023-05-12 17:18  

President of JSU Prof. Yan Xiaohong, met with Rector of Ogarev Mordovia State University, Russia Prof. Dmitrii Glushko, who led a delegation to Jiangsu University (JSU) on May 6th. The inter-university cooperation negotiation was presided over by Vice president of JSU Prof. Zhao Yutao. Representatives of the International Office and School of Medicine attended the meeting. After extending his welcome to the delegation, Prof. Yan expressed his hope that the two universities cooperate with each other in talent training, scientific research and international conference relevant to the fields of agriculture and medicine.

Noting that there are many close parallels between the 2 universities in schooling models, disciplinary features and paths of development, Dmitrii Glushko expressed his expectation that substantive cooperation in smart agricultural machinery, energy and power, medicine, language, culture and other fields can be achieved between the 2 universities.

Both sides introduced their own achievements in such field as research and teaching, strong disciplines, international cooperation and international students, and exchanged ideas on international talent training and international scientific cooperation in relevant fields. The 2 parties will intensify cooperation in joint training of students, mutual visits of teachers and application of scientific research grants through the International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineering.
During their visit, the Russian delegates visited the labs and learned more about the teaching and scientific research of the School of Medicine. After that, the 2 parties discussed the feasibilities of double master degree program between the two universities.
Ogarev Mordovia State University, a research-oriented institution, is the center of education, scientific research and culture of the Republic of Moldova. In 2019, it joined the International University Consortium for Agricultural Engineering founded by the JSU,and was chosen as the foreign vice chairman party of the Consortium.

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