JSU’s Top 10 Highlights 2014

1. China’s former Vice Premier Li Lanqing pays the 8th visit to JSU
   Li Lanqing, China’s former Vice Premier, paid a visit to Jiangsu University on July 2nd, 2014. This is the 8th time he has visited the university. Accompanied by leaders of Jiangsu and Zhenjiang governments as well as of the university, he had a campus tour, talking with teachers and students and showing his concern for his alma mater’s development.
2. JSU’s 3rd CCP Congress
   The 3rd Chinese Communist Party Congress of JSU was held from May 10 to 11. The Congress reviewed the university’s remarkable achievements in teaching and research as well as social contributions in the past 5 years. With the consideration of  upcoming opportunities and challenges, the congress reached agreement upon the  goal of constructing an internationally high–level and research-oriented University, starting a new journey of high level university construction.
3. A New Round of Institutional Arrangements
   The university launched a new wave of revising the University’s Regulations according to the Interim Law for Regulations of Higher Education formulated by the Ministry of Education. With the principle of rationalizing relations and clarifying responsibilities for efficient and sustainable development, the university conducted a new round of institutional rearrangements, optimizing the layout of disciplines and majors and reorganized schools and research institutions, for the research-oriented university construction cause.
   The new Jingjiang campus formally entered into a construction phase. Zhenjiang`s public bike system was introduced on our campus which promotes green transportation. Reform was also conducted over income distribution mechanisms. A merit-based pay scheme was formulated and implemented. With all the efforts, the university’s social reputation and comprehensive strength were enhanced. It was ranked 63rd nationally among about 3000 universities according to Chinese University Evaluation and entered into the top 1000 globally for the first time according to the Center for World University Rankings.
4. New Progress made in Party’s Innovative Construction.
   The university was acknowledged as one of 30 model units demonstrating study-type organization and leadership by Jiangsu Province. As the only representative of higher educational institutions, Prof. Fan Ming, General-Secretary of the CPC Committee of JSU, delivered a speech at the Meeting for the 93rd Anniversary of Party Construction, exchanging ideas on how to run the university well by giving top priority to the faculty. Under the principle of integrating ability and morality while prioritizing morality through democratic, open and competitive selection, the university conducted selection of new middle-level leaders, as well as the appointment of low-level leaders of the university. The leading group was further optimized accordingly.
5. Teaching Reform Boosted with New Accomplishments
   Research on Pyramid Entrepreneurial Talent Training Mode of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Its Applications, a program presided over by Prof. Mei Qiang, won the 2nd Prize in the 7th National Award for Excellent Teaching Achievements. The university commenced preparation in full swing for international accreditation over 30 engineering majors and assessment by the Ministry of Education over undergraduate teaching. 13 categories of provincial key majors passed mid-term examinations successfully with eligible rates of 100%. Among them, machinery and commercial management were appraised as Outstanding. 8 courses were awarded as Quality Courses taught in English at the provincial level in 2014. 10 textbooks were listed among the second batch of National Official Textbooks for undergraduates under the 12th Five Year Plan.
6. Remarkable breakthroughs in scientific and technological research
   Theory and Key Technology Research for High Efficiency Centrifugal Pumps and Its Industrial Applications presided over by Professor Yuan Shouqi was awarded the 2nd National Prize for Sci-tech Advancement in 2014.
   Two Projects were awarded 1st Prize by the Ministry of Education; three  projects won the 1st Prize for Philosophy and Social Sciences Research of Jiangsu Province; one project was granted a Silver Medal at the 12th International Industry Fair.
   Others include 145 research projects, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, ranking the 45th among all the domestic universities, 10 research projects sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation, 72 projects supported by Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation and 61 research projects of Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation for Youths. And Jiangsu University’s Technology Transfer Center was ranked among the National Technology Transfer Demonstration Institutes. Moreover, the 3rd Scientific and Technological Conference was held to put forward  detailed planning for further development.
7. Great Achievements in Discipline Construction and Postgraduate Education
   Agricultural Engineering, Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics, Materials Science & Engineering, Food Science & Engineering, New Energy Vehicles, Biotechnology & Medical Transformation were selected in the 2nd Construction Program of Jiangsu Province’s key disciplines, obtaining up to CNY 240 million for construction. 2 Post-doctoral Stations and 4 Professional Degree Conferring Points were newly approved, which realizes full coverage of post-doctoral stations and master’s degree conferring points for all the PhD degrees, majors and colleges. Researcher Yuan Shouqi and Professor Mao Hanping were selected as members of the Discipline Appraisal Group under the State Council in Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics and Agricultural Engineering, respectively. The University has established 296 provincial graduate workstations, including Yinhuan Enterprise Workstation for Postgraduates, which was listed among the 1st batch of National Demonstration Bases for Joint Training of Engineering Postgraduates.
8. Great Success in Faculty promotion under the policy of High-level, Youth and internationalization
   1 professor was included in the first group of National 10000 Talents Project, 2 were selected as “National Young/Middle-Aged Science & Technology Leading Talents”. 2 professors were introduced under the National 1000 Talents Project.
   The proportion of professional teachers with overseas experience has increased to 24%. What’s more, the 2nd Internationalization Promotion Conference was held successfully.
   Jiangsu University has been among the first batch of universities entitled to appraise the overall discipline development of professors and associate professors.
9. The Publicity creates a new atmosphere.
   Guided by the core values of socialism, Jiangsu University has made great efforts in launching subject websites, specifically funded projects, show windows and exhibitions, promoting them into classrooms and the networks.
The three-dimensional publicity channels have been constructed to report major awards, highlights of school work and excellent figures. The university released more than 400 reports on external media above the provincial level, among which over 100 are in-depth reports. The university was awarded the Advanced Unit of Educational Propaganda Work in Jiangsu Province for the 3rd successive time.
   The first Micro -Film Festival Dream of Jiangsu University was well organized, where The Back, the first micro-film with Shao Zhongyi as the prototype, was released. JSU also received many other honors, including the Provincial Harmonious Campus, the 6th College Top 100 Websites and the 2nd Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Campus Culture Construction among Jiangsu Colleges and Universities.
10. Good Service for Students’ Growth and Development
   The university won 2 gold awards in the National University Students Business Plan Competition, the 1st Prize and Outstanding Organization Award in the National University Students Social Practice Contest on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, and the championship in Jiangsu Province College Students Anti-Drug Debate and Mock Trial Debate in the Arts Festival.
   The university was appraised as an Advanced Unit nationally for organizing student volunteers to bring culture, technology and health to the countryside and won a total of 50 awards at the 4th Provincial University Student Art Exhibition. It was also awarded the Provincial Advanced Unit of College Graduates Employment for the 8th successive time and graded A in the Provincial Performance Evaluation of Financial Assistance for College Students. What’s more, 1 student was nominated the Annual Figure of 2013 among Jiangsu Province College Students. 3 students achieved outstanding results in the UN Essay Writing Contest for university students and gave speeches at the United Nations Headquarters. They had the honor to be received by the Secretary -General of the United Nations.