Yuan Shouqi
University Committee Chair
·Professor and Ph. D in fluid machinery and engineering
·E-mail: shouqiy@ujs.edu.cn


Yan Xiaohong
President and Vice Chair of University Committee
· Prof. and Ph. D in condensed matter physics
· E-mail: yanxh@ujs.edu.cn


Song Yuqing
Vice President for Jingjiang College, School of Continuous Education, Library and Affiliated Schools
·Prof. and Ph. D in database technology, hospital information system and medical image processing
·E-mail: yqsong@ujs.edu.cn



Cheng Xiaonong
Vice President for science and technology, alumni, laboratory and equipment and information technology
·Prof. and Ph. D in new materials and processing techniques of advance materials
·E-mail: xncheng@ujs.edu.cn



Chen Long
Vice President for human resources, state assets, finance, international exchange and collaboration and overseas education
·Prof. and Ph.D in vehicle engineering
·E-mail: chenlong@ujs.edu.cn



Shi Weidong
Vice President for postgraduate education, medical colleges and affiliated hospital
·Prof. and Ph.D in Fluid Machinery & Engineering
·E-mail: wdshi@ujs.edu.cn



Mei Qiang
Vice President for undergraduate education and enrollment, physical education, teaching research and evaluation
·Prof. and Ph.D in management science
·E-mail: qmei@ujs.edu.cn



Zhang Jijian
Vice President for logistics, security and the construction of Jingjiang College
·Prof. and Ph.D in accounting
·E-mail: jjzhang@ujs.edu.cn



Miao Zimei
Vice President for publicity, press and magazine
·Research Fellow
·E-mail: miaozm@ujs.edu.cn



Li Hongbo
Vice President for student work
·Research Fellow and Ph. D in management
·E-mail: lhb@ujs.edu.cn




Gao Qingguo
Chair of the University Committee for discipline inspection
·E-mail: gqg@ujs.edu.cn