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A Lecture by Prof. Yuan, Committee Chair and President of JSU to Graduate Students


    On Nov. 9, 2016, University Committee Chair and President Prof. Yuan gave a lecture to newly-enrolled graduate students entitled Developing the Ability of English Learning and Academic Communication.


    In the lecture, Prof. Yuan emphasized that, in recently years, the internationalization of education has played a positive role in promoting a comprehensive strength and development of academic competitiveness of JSU. He encouraged all the graduate students to develop a broad academic stamina with international vision. He also shared his own experiences of learning English in listening, speaking, reading and writing.He asked the students to take an active part in IELTS, TOEFL and other English proficiency test, publishes top level papers in foreign journals, and participates advanced international conferences. Prof. Yuan highlighted that effective learning occurs through academic research using the scientific method .In conclusion, Prof. Yuan emphasized that, English learners should be innovative, attentive, and persistent. Currently, it is the golden period of learning English. As such students should take advantage of the benefits. Academic ability plays an important role in personal development. First year of graduate study is the initial period of academic research; students should set goals and study hard, to lay the foundation for their future professional academic learning and growth.

    The lecture was easy to understand, with frequent flashes of humor and the students were inspired deeply. After the lecture, Prof. Yuan answered the questions asked by the students according to his own experiences.