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The 3rd Joint Conference of Jiangsu Province, Macau and Portugues Speaking Countries


    On October 25th,2016, Vice-President Miao Zimei attended the 3rd Joint Conference of Jiangsu Province, Macau and Portuguese Speaking Countries on behalf of Jiangsu University. The conference was hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and organized by Yangzhou University in Convention Center of Yangzhou City. The participants include representatives of nine universities in Jiangsu Province, and 11 universities in Portuguese-speaking countries and Macau, as well as representatives from the Macau Higher Education Office and the Union of Jiangsu-Macau and Portuguese-speaking Countries Friendship Cities.


    In the morning, Mr. Wang Chengbin, Deputy Director General of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Mr. Zeng Guanxiong, Deputy Director of Tertiary Education Services Office of Macau, Mr. Vidor Ramallo, Secretary General of UCCLA, Mr. Vidor Ruilourido, President of the Observation on China in Portugal, and Zhang Songping, Deputy Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office of People’s Provincial Government, delivered speeches respectively at the opening ceremony and congratulated the organizers of the conference.

    The Union Charter and Union logo were adopted by all the participants to further improve the alliance and cooperation in all the universities towards a common goal.


     Later in that day, representatives of the participating universities exchanged ideas on cooperation and communication among them. Based on the earlier communication during their visit to Jiangsu University on Oct. 21, Prof. Miao Zimei, conducted in-depth consultations and discussions with the representatives of the Portuguese-speaking institutions and reached a consensus on exchange programs for students and scholars, as well as cooperation in scientific research, teacher training and other areas of mutual cooperation. Subsequently, under the witness of the participants, Vice-President Miao and representatives from the University of Avila, Aveiro University and Braganza Institute of Technology in Portugal, Brasilia University in Brazil, Mondrana University in Mozambique and University of St. Joseph signed Memorandums of Understanding respectively. These MOUs bridge the gap between our university and Portuguese universities.