News & Events

2017-03-02❈ Four JSU Researchers Top the List of Most Cited Chinese Researchers for a Second Time

2017-02-28❈ GFU Vice President Peng Changzheng Visits JSU

2017-01-13❈ JSU Signs an Agreement of Cooperation with UWI and GIST

2016-12-13❈ The 4th Sanjiang Intellectual Property International Forum Hosted by JSU

2016-12-13❈ The 3rd Joint Conference of Jiangsu Province, Macau and Portugues Speaking Countries

2016-11-25❈ Delegation of the 23rd Tri-U International Joint Seminar & Symposium Concludes with High A

2016-11-25❈ Vice President Zhang Jijian Visits Universities in Russia and Finland

2016-11-23❈ Visiting Professor Peturs Henricus Tijssen won Jiangsu Friendship Medal

2016-11-16❈ A Lecture by Prof. Yuan, Committee Chair and President of JSU to Graduate Students

2016-10-31❈ Times Higher Education Lists JSU in Top 200 Asian Universities for the First Time

2016-10-31❈ 2016 -2017 CIS Application Procedures for Home Stay/Home Visit Four-Week Study Program

2016-10-28❈ JSU Ranks 37th among Chinese Universities by the 2016 ESI Global Top 1% Discipline Ranking

2016-10-28❈ A Delegation from Mississippi State University Visited Jiangsu University

2016-10-21❈ 2016 Sino-Danish Joint Laboratory Symposium Successfully Held at JSU

2016-10-18❈ Subordinate Brownian Motion

2016-10-18❈ Catalysis and Future Electricity Technology: What is the Connection?

2016-10-18❈ Stationary Measures for Stochastic Lotka-Volterra Systems with Application to TurbulentCon

2016-10-14❈ JSU Signs Cooperation Agreement with the University of Chester

2016-10-12❈ JSU ranked 47th in the 2016 Global University Rankings

2016-10-11❈ JSU Ranked 48th among Chinese Universities in 2016