Vice President Shi Weidong Wins the CPCIF 2015 Innovation Team Award


   The annual Science and Technology Award Conference of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing On Nov. 18th 2015. Vice President of Jiangsu University Shi Weidong and his team won the Innovation Team Award with the project, Energy Saving Technology Research and Engineering Applications in JSU. Only five teams won this award and this is the first time JSU receives the honor.

   Vice President Shi Weidong and his team have long worked to enhance the foundation and build the distinction of their research team. The team, based on the advanced international standard, focuses on scientific planning, stresses focal points and concentrates on research.

   In recent years the team undertook 24 national research projects and 30 provincial and ministerial projects, of which 16 have reached the international advanced level. Two of their projects were awarded National Science & Technology Advancement Awards. Two were granted the National pedagogical Achievement Award. One was awarded China's Postgraduate Education Achievement Award. More than 30 patents were granted. More than 40 national and industry standards were implemented, and over 30 monographs and more than 600 papers were published. The petrochemical pump and the chemical axial flow pump hydraulic model developed by the team have been successfully implemented in industrial applications and are used widely in the Three Gorges Project.