Nov-01, 2016❈ Vice President Song Yuqing Visited Universities in Poland and Austria

Nov-01, 2016❈ A visit to Singapore and Australia Led by Vice President Shi Weidong Achieved Fruitful Res

Dec-17, 2015❈ Vice President Shi Weidong Wins the CPCIF 2015 Innovation Team Award

Nov-25, 2015❈ International Seminar, 22nd Annual Tri-U, Held at JSU

Nov-17, 2015❈ JSU-GU Confucius Institute Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Nov-09, 2015❈ Co-Innovation Center for Modern Agricultural Equipment and Technology

Jul-24, 2015❈ Most Active research in Auto Industry Automotive Engineering Research Institute

Jul-08, 2015❈ The Ideal Integration between Industry and Agriculture

Jun-24, 2015❈ Materials Science ranked top 1% in ESI

Jun-12, 2015❈ National Prize for Sci-Tech Advancement by President Yuan Shouqi