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Prof. Yuan Shouqi and Prof. Yuan Yiqing of JSU Elected the Foreign Academicians of the Russian Academy of Engineering
2022-04-28 16:42  

On the 25th April 2022, it was released on the official website of the Russian Academy of Engineering that Jiangsu University (JSU)Chair of University’s Committee for CCP Affairs Prof. Yuan Shouqi, distinguished member of the select group, Jinshan Scholars of JSU Prof. Yuan Yiqing, had being elected the Foreign Academicians of the Russian Academy of Engineering.
Prof. Yuan Shouqi has long been engaged in scientific research in the field of drainage and irrigation machinery and fluid machinery engineering, presided over and completed more than 30 projects such as the National Outstanding Youth Fund Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Key Project, the National 863 Project, the National Science and Technology Support Project, etc., and are currently presiding over 4 National Key Research and Development Program Projects and 4 Key Projects of the National Natural Science and Technology Foundation. He has won 2 Second Prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 Second Prizes of the National Teaching Achievement Award, 5 First Prizes of the provincial and ministerial levels,  and 98 Chinese invention patents. He has published more than 300 papers and 13 books as the first or corresponding author. Prof. Yuan Shouqi has nursed 100 master's students and more than 50 doctoral students, whose dissertations have been listed or nominated to be listed among top 100 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations, and he has been recognized as one of the first "Top 10 Graduate Tutors" in Jiangsu Province.As a discipline leader, Yuan Shouqi established the National Research Center on Pump and System Engineering Technology, the International Cooperative Research Center for Fluid Engineering and Machinery Equipment Energy-Saving, and Innovation Talent Introduction Base fro the High-end Fluid Machinery Equipment and Technology Discipline. He has long served as the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Society and the Chinese Agricultural Engineering Society, and is also the organizing committee member of the ASME Fluid Engineering Branch and a member of the Asian Fluid Machinery Committee. He is the winner of Scientific and Technological Innovation Award of the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Youth Tech and the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, enjoys the special government allowance of the State Council, and has won the Asian Fluid Machinery’s Outstanding Engineer Award, the Outstanding Contribution Award of China's Agricultural Engineering during the 40 years since China’s reform and opening up, the Meritorious Medal of China's Agricultural Machinery Industry at the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening Up, the Outstanding Figure at the 60th Anniversary of China's Agricultural Mechanization Development, and the Outstanding Contribution Award of China's Agricultural Water-saving Science and Technology.
Prof. Yuan Yiqing is currently the leading academic expert on power systems at the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, a Distinguished Professor under “Jinshan Scholar scheme” of JSU, the Guest Professor under “Minjiang Scholar scheme” of the Fujian Institute of Technology, the Director of the Transmission System Product Research and Development Center of Suzhou Automobile Research Institute of Tsinghua University, and a serving member of the Expert Committee of Zhejiang New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance. Over the years, Prof. Yuan Yiqing has been committed to the research, development and design of automotive power trains, especially new energy vehicles and electric power trains, and has a vast and extensive knowledge of and experience in the structure and control of electric vehicle transmission systems and vehicle integration. He has pioneered and led the establishment and development of the Electric Vehicle R&D Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presided over major projects of the Knowledge Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and numerous projects for the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology. The center leads the international academic research into building electric vehicle multi-speed, high-speed power transmission units and the development of this Chinese industry, focuses on the industrialized innovation industry platform, utilizing electric vehicles, their key components and other major product development experience, based on the establishment of electric vehicle transmission systems, their structure and control, electric vehicle theory and design and other complete theoretical knowledge systems. Prof. Yuan Yiqing has won a second prize in the State Education Commission's Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the Excellent Product Award of the China High-tech Expo, the title of Technical Expert of the New Energy Automobile Industry in China awarded by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the International Society of Automat Engineers.
Founded in 1990, the Russian Academy of Engineering is founded by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Ministry of Science and Industry, the Ministry of Defense, the Aerospace Administration and other departments, and is a scientific institution with important international academic influence.

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